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① Use three letters and three digits to represent the Model.
The letter MD means machine type—Multi-Disk Screw. Two former digits means the MD cylinder diameter, the last digit shows the number of the screw shafts, such as MD312,it means the MD cylinder diameter is 310mm, the number of the screw shafts is two. 
② Sludge Treatment Capacity=DS Standard Capacity÷Sludge Concentration (DS stands for Dried Sludge, 0% moisture.
* Throughput of each model is based on sludge cake with 85% water content. 
* There is no certain upper limitation on inlet sludge concentration, however, the target sludge must be flowable. 
* Throughput of DAF Sludge is based on sludge containing much fat, oil, and grease such as meat processing applications etc. 
* Throughput of Mixed Sludge (Primary Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge) and Aerobically Digested Sludge is based on sludge containing more than 30% fiber (200 mesh) against Total Solids.