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Our Core Values


Take specific responsibility for users, employees, partners, environment, and society.


Integrity is the basic quality of life, especially enterprises, in order to obtain credibility, we must build a culture of integrity.


The professionalism of enterprises is mainly reflected in the technical level of products and services, the uniqueness of technology and market recognition.


Improve learning and innovation ability, and constantly strive for excellence, to create higher value.

dewaterintel screw press dewatering Image

Inside view of the factory

dewaterintel screw press dewatering Image


Spare parts workshop

The muti disck srew press ring is leveled and deburred by german ARKU machine.

dewaterintel screw press dewatering Image


Spare parts warehouse

Quickly meet the customer's requirements of various equipment models, quantities and customization.

dewaterintel screw press dewatering Image


Equipment assembly workshop

Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


Equipment finished product warehouse

Global rapid supply of sewage treatment equipment based on spot transaction.